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Best App is a revolutionary dating platform that helps singles to date smarter. Dating doesn’t have to be hard if you actually date smarter! 😉

Meet singles in the United States:

On Best App, you will meet US singles who are looking for love on the Internet. You can browse dating profiles based on different criteria, e.g. state, city and communities. For example, you can check out dating profiles in California, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Texas, etc. You can also look at dating profiles in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Seattle, Boston, and so on. Of course, various dating communities are included, e.g. sexual dating preferences, racial dating preferences and religious dating preferences.
Our senior dating community is thriving – singles over 50 in the United States are looking for love on the best dating app. Indeed, many people are divorced and start to look for love again in their 50s or 60s, which is very normal these days. 
Joining the dating scene again is a good move because it means you are proactive and you take action!
If you are a senior dater looking for love, you’d better consult with a lawyer before you remarry because chances are you have already accumulated some wealth and you need to protect your assets before getting married again, right? It’s perfectly okay to sign a pre-nup with your new spouse before you remarry if both of you are mature individuals who can understand realism. Also, if you have adult children, they will understand this as well. Better still, your adult children will probably like your new spouse even more simply because there is a valid pre-nup. Once you know your assets are safe no matter what, you can relax and enjoy your new marriage 100%. 😊

Best App is an inclusive dating app

As the best dating app on the market, we embrace diversity. For example, Asian singles in the United States can easily meet each other in our community. Black singles, Hispanic singles and Middle Eastern singles in the United States can also find partners here. As to interracial dating, that’s also becoming very common nowadays.

On the best dating app, we also have religious singles looking for true love online, e.g. Catholic singles, Christian singles, Buddhist singles, Hindu singles, Jewish singles and Muslim singles are all looking for partners in this community. We believe that love is everyone’s birthright; you are entitled to love!

The new trend in the dating department:


The dating scene has changed a lot over the years. Before 1998, people only did offline dating. Then Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks’s movie You’ve Got Mail introduced the idea of online dating to the general public during Christmas holidays in 1998. Then gradually, Internet dating became a real thing in early 2000s, although it was still a taboo topic at that time. But today online dating is the most mainstream dating method because it is the most common way for singles to meet each other. Obviously, we live in an era when most people are staring at their phones rather than making eye contact with others. People’s attention is not on offline dating anymore, so Internet dating is the best way to find someone suitable in today’s day and age.

So, joining the best dating app is a strategic move that modern daters should consider. In love, life and business, you either wait or create. We strongly believe that switched-on individuals are creators rather than waiters. Therefore, if you are reading this right now, you are probably a creator instead of a waiter. Since you can take action proactively, you are the person who should decide when and how you will approach dating. You are the person who is supposed to decide whom you want to meet, attract and keep!

A waiter waits for things to happen; a creator happens to things! On the best dating app, there are so many creators who take real action and make great things happen every single day. We have received a lot of success stories from people in our community. Many of these success stories are very inspiring, enlightening and motivating.  


Frequently Asked Questions:

Answer: Everyone has a social circle, but usually, this social circle is quite limited in real life. In contrast, online dating gives you the opportunity to meet people that you would never meet in real life. Let me put it this way: if your friends and family can help you with your love life or your career, they must have done it already, right? The real reason why your family and friends can’t really help you with your love life or your career is because you and these people who are close to you share the same resources. By contrast, you and people that you can meet online share very different resources. That’s exactly why online networking and online dating are extremely important. When people who share different resources meet each other, the results are phenomenal.

Answer: Offline dating isn’t obsolete, but it’s not as effective as it used to be in this day and age. Our advice is to combine offline dating with online dating, meaning you can use the best dating app while meeting people offline. In this way, you can maximize your chance of finding someone great.

Answer: The best way to approach Internet dating is to maximize the number. By that I mean you are supposed to talk to as many people as possible on the best free dating app so that you can have options. Having options is the ideal way to eliminate neediness, okay? When you are not needy, you are confident, radiant and empowered. By contrast, when you don’t have options, it’s a bit hard to feel truly confident.










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